The written sermons on this site are also available in CD form.

Later as this ministry matures we will begin to record DVD's for your viewing.

All materials are free of charge, feel free to copy and distribute to all that hear. We appreciate your interest and hope you hear from God.

To order cd's email us at state the sermon you want. We do ask for a Love Offering of $6.95 to cover shipping and material cost add $1.00 per additional cd.

Please include mailing address:

Name : ____________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________   Country _______________

 City: _________________________________  State: _______  Zip Code: ______ - ______

List Sermons wanted: ________________________________________________________

(If your out of the country be sure to type mailing address exact to reach your destination)

There are 2 options a cd can be burned as Wave or MP3 file, if you choose MP3 we can fit several sermons make sure your able to play MP3 files on your audio equipment. Unfortunately Wave file can only fit 1 sermon as I am long winded.

Send To:

Shekinah Ministries - Joel Fragoso

PO Box 370356

El Paso, TX 79937 - USA

This ministry is self support we accept tithes and offerings, you can send via check, money order or PayPal click below.


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I want to thank everyone that supports this ministry financially, rest assured that monies sent to Shekinah Ministries will go to advance God's Kingdom. We are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and are committed to world evangelism.