Fly on The Wall

Is 1:18-20

18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:
20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.


Scene 1

1. The scene begin will Hall To The Chief and after the sound of a fly, flying around

2. We are at the office of the President of the United States

3. A noise in the back ground of people yelling and saying you can't go in their Madam

4. I am the Co-President of the US, as Hillary emerges on the scene


a. Bill, where are you, I know you in here now come out and face me, or else

b. Bill emerges from behind the desk

    1. B1, Hi honey I mean your honor, oh your highness, I mean Mrs. President

    2. H2, What are you up too, what were you doing back their?

    3. The Fly emerges, Walks silently in the room acting like a fly

Costume: Black pants with antennas you can make the six arms of cardboard or hangers painted or black stockings over them. You glasses paints white with black dots to see.

    4. B1, Nothing just Presidential thins as a hand reaches out with a pen

    5. B1, Just dropped my pen, I found it and laughs

    6. H2, Who's back their come out, calls for the secret service gun

    7. Secret Service, Fights Hilary off as she tries to get his gun

    8. SS4, Madam stop or I'll shoot

    9. H2, How dare you speak to the President that way your fired

    10. SS4, Madam you can't fire me I work for the President

    11. H2, Bill are you hearing this?

    12. B1, Sorry son you have to go she has spoken

    13. SS4, I can't believe this what a wimp, I wouldn't give my life for this fool

    14. H2, Now come out from out of there

    15. Monica, emerges Mrs. President we were just taking notes, leaves but tries kissing B1

    16. H2, I told you no more fooling around in the Oval office

    17. B1, Come on Hilary you can't expect me to work all the time

    18. H2, So you want to play lets play doge ball and starts throwing things at B1

    20. B1, Help, Help

    21. SS4&5, Rush in guns drawn

    24. H2, You want some of this

    23. SS4&5, rush out scared

    24. Fly3, Is still acting like fly and listening to the conversation

    25. B1 and H2, begin to argue - this argument should be of current events and scandals

Note: Make it interesting the problems that occurred at the White House and blame

    26. Al Gore, Sirs the press is here for your interviews

    27. B1 and H2, Stop fighting and begin to flirt as reporters walk in

    28. R6&7, Mr. President what of these rumors of Monica

    29. H2, Answers this is a right wing conspiracy, just lies to discredit My husband

    30. B1, Yap, Yap the republicans did it, they did it, I feel your pain

    31. H2, I have been with my husband all the time I can assure you he has no mistress

    32. B1, Yap I have this how can I wonder, feel my pain

    33. H2, What!

    34. B1, I mean, I feel your pain it's the republicans right?

    35. H2, The press conference is over thank you for coming

    36. R6&7, are escorted out by H2

    37. H2, as the door closes she picks up a item and chases B1 trying to hit him

    38. B1, You said it was the Republicans and I feel your pain why are you chasing me

    39. That might work for the rest of those fools but we know what's really happening

    40. B1, You not so innocent what about Mr. foster, didn't think I knew about that, ha

    41. H2, I don't know what your babbling about now

    42. B1, sure you do and begins to rant about other issues

    43. F3, Enough I have heard enough, you humans are so messed up. I have been a fly on the wall of many important and influential people and it's all the same scandal, sex and lies. Whether rich, poor, wrenched or famous it's all the same. You hide you sins from all but your lives are messed up. You might think no one knows but we are all witnesses of your sins and you need to pay.

    44. F3, picks up a giant fly swatter and approach B1 and B2

    45. SS4, enters the fly walks towards him and SS4 sprays fly and it dies, kicking and knocking items down dramatic end.

Closing: SS4, Don't feel sorry for the fly he's just an actor but his message is real, God sees your sins and all things will be uncovered. In the privacy of your life and home all things will be revealed, Can you stand righteous before God? Or will you hide behind denial, lies and religion. In that day your sins will be revealed are you prepare to give account. If not today is the hour of salvation, repent and be saved.