Prov 16:18
18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Scene 1

1. Saloon setting in the cowboy age with old cowboy music in the background.

2. Men playing cards and saloon girls in costume.

3. Cowboy in black by the bar center stage.

4. Young boy bringing drinks to cowboys


a. Cowboys yelling and firing guns as young boys serves. During this time all push boy and laugh at him.

b. Young boy passes by black cowboy and cowboy trips him, boy drops tray and all laugh at him loudly.

    1. Boy, Mister that wasn't very nice of you. what you do that for?

    2. BC - What you say varmint are you calling me out?

    3. No Sir, I apologize if I have offended you but it seems I tripped on you foot by accident

    4. Let it be the last time you kick me or else I plug you full of holes

    5. Bar tender, now Mister the boy didn't mean any harm

    6. BC - swings at bar tender and says shut you for two horn pig, who's talking to you

    7. BC -  calls boy, come here you yellow belly coward

    8. Boy approaches scared, I'm sorry Mister, I'm sorry

    9. I have a proposition for you aren't you tired of the disrespect people have for you?

    10. Yes, sir I don't like it

    11. BC - You seem like a nice fellow here's what I'm going to do for you. I have a special potion that will give you self respect and cause people around you to fear you.

    12. What is it Mister and does it really work?

    13. Are you calling me a liar, begins to hold his hands over the guns he has

    14. No Mister, I'm sorry it's just seems to go to be true, don't kill me.

    15. I'm not going to kill you I just want to help you, now drink it before I shoot you

    16. Well I have some questions before I drink, is it harmful?

    17. Nope, now drink it you varmint, as he pulls gun to boys head

    18. Yes, Sir and drinks potion. Boy I feel different already.

    20. Cowboy by playing card, Boy where my drink

    21. Boy rushes to him sorry sir, here's you beer

    22. Cowboy took you long enough and throws drink at boy's face

    23. Pride comes in and boy slugs cowboy to the floor

    24. Everybody claps and whistles as boy struts back to the BC

    25. Mister, thanks my pride sure is good

    26. Girl comes to boy and says, Jimmy that sure took allot of guts, let get together later

    27. I sure would like that Ms. Kitty

    28. BC - Too bad this girl is mine you yellow belly coward

    29. Mister take your hand off her or else

    30. Girl, No Jimmy it's alright hell hurt you bad Jimmy run

    31. Mister I'm not telling you again, let her go now, or

    32. BC - Pulls gun and shoots boy dead

Closing: BC - Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Would you like some of my pride it's free of charge.