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SECTION 1            Jesus
Born Again
Holy Ghost
Go Ye


Weapons of Warfare
Spiritual Powers
More Than Conquerors
I Believe
Doing The Work

Image of God
Witchcraft                 Fear "The Bad Side" Depression

Death                    Suicide Solution

Renewing of the Mind

SECTION 5  Leadership          Ungodly Alliance   Evil's Root (Money)         Eternal Security Examples                    The Way 

SECTION 6        Humble             Mercy                Potential                  Hope                   Guidance         Deception                    Sincerity               Virtue            Conviction




The Mark (666)- The end times identification system that the beast will establish

The Information Highway- A look into  The saints responsibility to know the answers to questions asked.

Branded - Mark of a cowards shame, what do you do when your branded and you know your a Man, of God.

False Ministry - Souls partake of what they feel is blessing not knowing it is sin. 

The Curse - Many see life as a series of defeat, saint and sinner alike life is a problem from day to day.

Confrontation - How differences of opinion affect us in our walk with God.

God's Direction - The Man of God and his instruction. How we must obey God rather than man even brothers

Satan and TV - A look at the role of Satan in modern media, the controversy that battles in the believers life

The Wicked Ruler - A look into the worlds reaction when a wicked man dies.


Women in the Bible

Ruth - The story of Ruth and her loves towards Naomi that restores her life.

Abigail - Her actions, wisdom and communications skill, stop kings.

Mary - The Lord's Mother, her place in the church of Jesus Christ.

Mary - Magdalene, The bravest women in the New Testament, she  was delivered from 7 devils. 

Jezebel - The Bible's most wicked women, mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Sapphira - She dared come before the Man of God and lie. A look into her life as a loyal wife, maybe too loyal.

Naomi - The pleasant one turns bitter but the redeemer re-establish himself in her life

Bathsheba - Her beauty leads the king to murder as she allows good men to turn against each other.

Delilah - The power a beautiful women has over a man of God, that causes him to lose sight of the God he serves.

Herodias Daughter - The Entertainer, she was the old time actor that performed before the elite and royalty.


Women in the Bible 2012
El Fin (The End) - One of the devil's best keep secret, destroying man's drive and inheritance. Ester - God's plan for a women placed in difficult trails in life and her search for God's mind Ultimate Sacrifice - A look into the price paid to serve God. While many claim to love God, who real does. 
Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow sings a song that was spoken by Paul as he examined his life. Eve - The first women, created to be a companion to man but strays from path Hey Big Mouth - There is a trend that people have started, freedom of speech but some talk too much 
The Illusionist - What you see is not always truth, the enemy is a master of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, many souls are lure into sin by the act of magic Deborah - Judges 4:4 Treasure - Jesus spoke about the treasure that the Kingdom is in search of to the rich young man. No what people view as value but then God owns all.
Vision - A tool that God gives believers to stand and accomplish the will of the Father Job's Wife - She see her husband defeated and speaks ill willed curse or blessing? Crucify - A look at the sacrifice that was paid on Calvary's cross, don't take it for granted
M & M's - pastoral tools that must be used to build a successful congregation   Seeking the Pearl - Our intent in the Kingdom of God is very important. We need to address your gold in life
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - The balance between having faith and the works we need in life   Running for God - Many seek after God to bring a message to those that wait to hear but what's the message you bring?
The Acrobat - Balance in the word of God is a must otherwise dangerous cults are born   God's Work Out- A look into working out our salvation - it's not free forever
The Gift Giver - It was not the gift that offended God but the giver and his lack of duty in preparing the gift   Jesus, The Church and I - What power is given to this earth thru the forces God has place in this world
Nathaniel, My Son - A tribute to a great father who gave his life to instruct his son in God's way   Life- Peter in the ship and later walks on the water, a reflection on our life realities
Pivot Place - Every person at stages in life is in a position of what path to choose   Why? - The uncertainty of our walk with God, sometimes there is just no answers
Evil - Man is faced with the fact that evil is just part of the big picture we must endure   Inner Man - There is one inside of you that no one knows, only God and sometimes you
Vantage Point - There are many different views in life that determine our perspective, what is yours   Lost - Is the description of man's state, what is it about us and how does one escape this curse

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