666 The Mark (Part 1)

Introduction   Rev. 13:16-18


The Mark, what is it and how could a system like this exists in modern society? When manís intelligence interferes with Godís plan error and sin become the governing factor. We must remember the flaw of Satan and that was that he wanted to sit above the throne of God. Pride and the knowledge of what he is capable of causes sin to destroy.



1.      The Mark    (Rev. 13:16-18)

        The mark will be a thing that will identify you with mankind and the government of the nations.

        It will be a mandatory identification that allows for the power to commerce in the world..

  i.      You must align yourself with mankind and his belief and rejection of truth.

ii.      God, the church and his people do not fit in this plan.

iii.      It will be a time of tremendous persecution against anyone that does not follow government.

iv.      Both the saved and the unsaved, freedom of choice is tossed out the window.                                                                                                   

        The Mark, will come disguised as a form of improvement that makes sense.

        Government uses world events and technology as an answer for the implementation of the mark, smart.


2.      Social Security Numbers

        We need to take a look at what is in place in our society. A good place to begin is SSN.

  i.      Our generation is one of databases with information such as DOB, Parents, and Income etc.

ii.      It is now very easy to have a history of someone by a push of a bottom.

iii.      This is considered by most to be a good thing, very convenient but also very dangerous.

1.      Someone ounce said power is know your enemy in a time of war.

2.      Imagine having information of ones finances, hobbies, friends, family etc.

  • Do you feel comfortable with people knowing everything about you to include what you eat?
  • This is the direction we are going to under the disguise of convenience.
  • Credit, debit, electronic payroll, schools ID and the Amber alert makes life easy but at what cost?
  • Our institution loves this method and in reality itís a good thing and needful to our age.
  • (Gen 2:16-17) - I always wondered why God instructed Adam to stay away from the tree of knowledge.
  • (Gen 3:1-7) God reveals the plan to man, do not eat from the tree, we also have (The Mark)



3.      Global Positioning System (GPS)

        Explain GPS, the benefits of having it, from military use to finding missing babies etc.

  i.      There are many good things that come from this system, not a bad thing.

ii.      Man again creates systems that benefit the race in many levels.

        There are devices you can buy to have this technology, sailors, travelers and many people use them.

   i.      Do you have a cell phone? Guess what you have GPS.

 ii.      It is just a matter of time when computer chips will be introduced to man as a means of safety.

        We have your information, access to your finances and now you location (Tracking Whereabouts).

        Donít worry itís just to track missing people, solve crimes and destroy the terrorist system.

  i.      I often wondered why God was angry with the numbering of the people (1 Chronicles 21)

ii.      Numbers 1:1-3, God orders Moses to take a census

iii.      Perhaps God knows something we donít when it comes to knowledge and data input

iv.      What mans capable of  IKings 13 The Old prophet, 2Sam 11 David kill Uriah, Judas LK23:3-4 & 22:47-51, Herod to kill Jesus Matt 2, El Paso passed a city ordinance to tag animals, LAW

v.      Good for tracking Terrorist, Yes, Are you at ease with this information in the government hands?