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Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

Psalms 107:2

As a new believer in Christ Jesus, it is important for you to speak of God's saving grace. Do not be ashamed of serving God. The devil will attack you with shame and fear about your new found faith. He understands that one that is yielded to God is a danger to his kingdom. It is the power of a son of God to proclaim his word and save the lost. The strength of a believer is in his ability to seek the Kingdom of God. This is a very simple revelation and requires commitment and dedication. Read your bible, witness, attend church and pray. The closer you stay to God the more you will grow in God. Seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. God seeks those you seek him. As you hunger and thirst after God's righteousness, He will direct your step into knowledge and blessing. Remember that no matter what life serves you Jesus Christ will always be with you. Learn not to hate the path he has required you to travel. Always look for him during dark times for He will never leave you or forsake you. To serve God requires you daily death, don't worry this simply implies a dying to our desires and needs and a submission to the Lord's kingdom. It is a great honor to be chosen to partake of his kingdom. There is no greater life than that of a believer in Christ Jesus. Worldly honor achievements and riches can not compare to the Lord's commission. My life as a believe has had many high and lows and in every state that I am I have learned to praise the Lord, for he is good. We have a lot to look forward to in the next life so view this one as an opportunity to do the Master's work. Being a servant of God is just that you will serve that Master. Be of good cheer he is a good Master and is concern of you firstly. This is the reason why the test in life, God desires you to grown spiritually. Therefore look not to the carnal for direction. It is the spiritual things of life that brings one to maturity. Father I give you all praise and glory for you have saved me from my sins. Fight the good fight ask God's for miracles everyday of your life. Go into the world with power and dominion and take the land for God has given it to you. It does not belong to the devil for he is defeated. Learn to talk to God for he cares for you and is always at your side. May The Lord Bless and Keep You all the days of your life.

  I can remember as a child growing up carefree. Not worrying about a thing and enjoying life and it's surprises. Childhood memories of times that were simple and carefree.

Born in California 1963, I recall the beautiful mountains and fresh ocean sea. Growing up with my brother and sister life was at times a challenge. Dealing with, who played with the rabbits first and who's turn it was to feed the animals was my biggest despair.

We had a friend named Helen, she was a very nice lady who loved animals. A little too much she had what looked like hundreds of cats and a few dogs. We always enjoyed visiting her and admired her love for animals. One day while playing on her front yard a car speeded by and threw a brown paper bag at my brother and I. To our surprise a puppy burst out of the bag. He looked at us and ran away. I tried to catch him but was unable and watched him disappear around the corner. My brother was determine to claim the puppy and ran after him. A few minutes later he emerged with the prize. A black Sheppard with a white tie on his chest, later to be name Sultan.

We grew and left California to Texas and began a new chapter in life. I remember my grandparents joy to have us with them in El Paso. They were a God fearing couple and instructed me in the things of God. I recall at a young age being healed by God. I had a sickness that doctors could not find a cure for. Many times during the week a  nurse would show up at my home and inject me with medication to allow me to breath. My grandparent tried every avenue they could to comfort me and were perplexed failure after failure.

One day a preacher who trusted God call for a prayer line for the sick. I remember his hands upon my head and the warmth of God going thru my body. God was touching me and I was healed that day. Thank you Jesus for the miracle. This is how I knew Jesus is the great physician.

As I grew I departed from God. It happened slowly, just growing up, like any child. Playing games, friends and school just keep me busy and away from God.

I started to play with new friends and they introduce me to alcohol. It was great for a season but became a habit that I sought for. I didn't know it then but I was an extremist and indulged in this new love of mine. By the time I was in High School I was going to bars, kegs parties and using drugs. My friends said I was the worst of the lot. I went for the Devils lies and was happy to do so. I then realized that something was missing in my life. Foolish child that I was I thought it was sin.

You know the story, Black Sabbath, speed, Southern Comfort and Pot were my best friends. Fast cars, hot chicks and fights was what I loved in life. Your typical teenager seeking strive and the high time. Carrying weapons to school for protection and flirting with death was the coolest thing I had.

Many thing occurred and finally I was ready to graduate when tragedy struck. My father died, a accident at work took his life and mine. This occurred the day I was to celebrate my graduation. Plans for a party were made which turned to a time of great sorrow. The darkest day of my life was here and I didn't know how to handle it. I fled and partied all night long it seemed that's all I did for months. lost and alone I had no answers. My father is gone and my heart, broken. I wished vengeance and blamed God for this injustice. The rage that was in me was violent and unquenchable.

My brother, mother, sister, friends and uncle tried to reach me but my soul was taken from me. I cried for help but rejected it at every opportunity I had. I reached for God but shunned him every time. No hope!

A few months later my Uncle died in a similar fate as my father. This was too much to handle why is God so against me? Wounded souls have no rest and feel no joy. My father's best friend now gone. I recall my mother telling me how he visit her everyday after my fathers death. She laughed as she spoke how he wanted to comfort her but only made matters worst as he sobbed uncontrollably everyday.  She quoted "he comes everyday and helps me at the business but makes things worst as he weeps in remembrance of his adopted brother."


  They say tragedy comes in threes and this was the case. My brother came home fell asleep and never woke up. At the age of 21 the reaper came and he began his journey into eternity. Insanity struck me piecing my heart a death blow at 19 years of age. My darkest hour the men I looked up to in  life, gone in a twinkling of an eye. But I was the evil one, Lord and why did you not take me instead of these men that are more honorable than I? I am the wicked one disrespectful, drunkard whoremonger, addict and a thief. My heart is so dark and my deeds so wicked yet you robbed me of life by sparing my soul.

It had been months now and the year saw the deaths of my father, uncle and brother. One year of brawls, drugs and drinking with no end in sight.

It was there that God's hand in the darkness embraced me and lead me to a small Pentecostal church. I went and heard from God. God called me to the alter but I sought the door and escaped the presence of God.

I regret now not harkening to the Almighty's call to repentance. God being merciful a few months later allowed another opportunity. The Holy Ghost (Hound Dog of Heaven) hunted me down and softened my heart. Jesus would finally come in and abide in me.

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found was blind but now I see.

The experiences that I have been thru I believe God and his power. Jesus took me in the state I was in and changed my life. Being set free from  the lifestyle I was in, God has chosen me to preach his word. 

At a young age I witnessed miracles in a small church in Juarez Mexico. I witnessed healings and the casting out of demons. This is where I came to believe in the healing power of prayer. The prayer of faith will deliver you from the devil's lies. It does not matter what your bound to. Jesus Christ was born, die and resurrected to give you power to be saved and delivered from the devil.

I have seen many miracles in my walk with God. Believe God and you shall receive his power. If you have never repented and given your life to Jesus Christ you are missing the best thing this God has to offer.

The hardships I survived have been healed. I lost my grandparents some time back but was comforted by the knowledge that they are at the right hand of God. One day I will join them and rejoice at the grace God has given us. There is nothing in this world that can compare with a life that is yielded to Jesus Christ.

I still carry weapons every ware I go. Only they are spiritual weapons that destroy the devil's domain. The devil understands that if you will humble yourself and repent of your sins God will forgive you. He will also write your name in the Lamb's Book of Life. You will be prepared for eternity and in this lifetime be fruitful.

Have you ever wanted to help people but have found yourself without the answers. Be of good cheer Jesus Christ is the answer to all life's questions. It is that simple.

If you have never asked Jesus Christ into you life I will lead you in a prayer that will begin this new life. The only requirement is that you truly want to have God in your life. Don't worry if your lost and bound by sin. Jesus died on the cross to forgive you. If he went to all that trouble don't you think that he would help you in whatever state your in?

Pray with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father, I come to you a sinner. Forgive me and cleanse me of all my sins. I have failed you and ask for you forgiveness. I know that you came to earth and died for my sins. I accept your sacrifice and ask you to take me into your family. I command the devil to loose me. I bind him in Jesus name. Satan your a liar and from this day forward I will serve God. Thank you Jesus Amen.

Congratulations you are now born again. Read your bible, pray and go to church. Listen to the instructions in this sight to help you become a servant of God. We have listed an email address should you have questions in your walk with God.  

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